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Joy in Good HealthThis is what Body Stress Release can mean for you!

On Tuesday – 4th March 2014 – I slipped and fell on wet tiles. There was a welt across my back immediately and I had a head ache which was throbbing and ears which were singing. It felt as if my eyes were about to pop out.  I was fortunate to be able to go for a BSR session soon after. After the BSR session I took it easy for an hour. After that I was able to move around without any pain or stiffness. The reason why I recovered so quickly was because I have regular BSR sessions, maintaining good communication in my body along the spinal cord. My body could heal itself quickly and efficiently.

These are a few comments from my clients which were made in the last ten days –

. . . “I feel so nurtured after a Body Stress Release session” . . .

“It is a miracle – he is playing the piano again. We are crying with JOY!”

. . . ” I feel great and I have slept so well. Don’t know why I do not do Body Stress Release more often” . . .

 To summarise what BSR can do for you –

  • recover from stiff, tight and aching muscles;
  • bring joy back into your life because the pain has gone away;
  • help you sleep better so that you feel less fatigued, which helps you to cope better with your daily life;
  • When last did you feel nurtured? You are special and deserve to be nurtured and to feel nurtured!

From 14th April to 17th April 2014 Lourentia of BSR for Renewed Life! is running a special offer whereby if you book for three sessions and pay for the first two at your 1st visit, you get R50-00 off each of the two sessions (only valid at Rivonia).

 Joy April 2014

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Health Investment for 2014

Special Offer 2014

This time of year there are usually ads that urge you to get your body ready for the year-end holiday season. I am offering you the opportunity to regain your health and maintain a healthy you for the WHOLE 2014 YEAR!

Imagine going into 2014 pain free and with renewed energy! Your body can restore its health with the assistance of Body Stress Release. Contact me so we can discuss your options.

Special Offer 2014

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The Ancient Healing Power of Breathwork

There is one thing we all have in common – the fact that we need oxygen to be able to breathe and stay alive. Thank goodness the air we breathe is still free.

There is a physiological functionality that takes place when we breathe that sends messages to our bodies or re-acts to stimuli. Those who had joined us in the Laughter Workshop with John-Peter will remember how he explained that the fast pulsing of our diaphragm helps us to recover from stress. Laughing imitates that pulsing movement and therefore helps to dissipate stress.

Breathing correctly can do so much more for our health and how we function on a daily basis. That is why I am so excited about the next workshop on 11th November 2013. Jenny and Kobus from Breathwork SA wil be presenting a practical workshop on how to breathe correctly and how to use our breathing to improve our health. This is such a basic, instinctive action that we have at our disposal to better our health that I cannot urge you enough to attend and gain skills that we have forgotten about.

Whether your are a BSR client of mine or not – I would like to urge you to try to attend this workshop. Our stressed lives have caused us to forget how to breathe properly. Many of us are starved for oxygen because we breathe so shallowly.

Links :

BreathWork Workshop Invite

BreathWork Workshop Invite

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About Numerology

About Numerology

Read more about Lance

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Numerology Workshop

Numerology Workshop

Your Invitation to a Numerology Workshop

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Your Invitation to Hirsch’s Business Networking Breakfast

Your Invitation to Hirsch's Business Networking Breakfast

Please join us on Thursday, 29 August 2013 at 09h00. I shall be discussing how to identify the effects of stress on our bodies and in our lives. We will also look at how to minimise or counter these effects. I shall share ways to unlock the stress caught up in our biological systems so that our bodies can restore their self-healing capacity.

There is no charge, but booking is essential!
RSVP : Lesley on 082 880 7075

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It has been said – Laughter is the Door to Health


Come and enjoy an evening with us where we learn and practice how to easily access this inner natural ability we all have to laugh.

 Laughter brings you into the present – it is in the present that we access the ability to act, to change our lives and be creative.

 Laughter is nature’s antidote to stress

Laughter builds bonds between people – learn how you can use laughter to strengthen your family life and communicate more effectively.

We all want the best life we can possibly have.

Good health

Great relationships

Fulfilling and engaging work

YOU are invited to discover how to live the life you visualise.

John-Peter Gernaat will take you through a practical workshop and introduce you to a simple technique.

You will leave feeling relaxed, renewed and refreshed with important life-changing information and a few simple exercises.


Info :      John-Peter  enlightens his audiences on the benefits of active de-stressing and the mechanism for achieving it and leads groups through the practice of achieving a de-stressed life. He trains groups and companies to use the practice to become more productive, healthier, more innovative with better communication and interpersonal relationships.


Date:     Monday, 12th August, 2013 Read More…

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Language of the Self – finding your talents and gifts

It is with great excitement that I invite you to the next workshop presented by Body Stress Release for Renewed Life!

There are so many things that influence us in our daily lives – from the food we eat to the colour of the clothing we wear,  from our own attitudes from the minute we wake up to the incidents that we experience every moment of our lives.  Then there are the numbers with which we came into this world.

Our workshop presenter is Glynis from Angelways Glynis Dinsdale has been involved in Spiritual and Metaphysical methods of knowledge for many years and has a passion for helping others find their true selves – either through developing their intuition or understanding more about themselves.

Glynis is going to help us lift the veil on our personal numbers so that we can gain insight into why we respond the way we do, why we are living our lives the way we are.  With the use of numbers we can understand ourselves – finding our strengths and talents.  This information will also give you valuable insight into how to deal with others and you will find your life flowing a lot more smoothly.

Please bring pen / pencil , paper and a calculator with you when you attend this workshop.

Date:      Monday, 10th June, 2013

Time:      18h30 for 19h00 (we will end by 21h00)
Venue:    #4 on 9th Avenue, Rivonia –  Entrance to suburb via 10th Avenue

       see map

Cost:       R90 includes tea, coffee and refreshments

RSVP:      Lourentia Tonkin on
Alternatively SMS Lourentia on +27 83 289 7729

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BODY STRESS RELEASE FOR RENEWED LIFE – which I decided to name my practice in 2011 because I had been blessed to have my life renewed through BSR – has grown in the last two years.  I now sponsor regular workshops that address aspects of living a more fulfilled life and where skills can be learnt in a gentle social environment.

I am fortunate to be able to announce that David Zakin from the European Kabbalah Centre will be addressing a workshop on the 27th May 2013 at 19h00.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity which you should not let slip by.

 The word Kabbalah means many different things to many different people. In a nutshell, it is an ancient wisdom that reveals how the universe and life work. On a literal level, the word Kabbalah means “receiving.” It’s the study of how to receive fulfilment in our lives.

 Sometimes we neglect the fact that we’re not as fulfilled as we could be. These feelings have overcome most people at some time. And sadly, the harder we strive to achieve that fulfilment, the more it eludes us.

Here is Your Invitation to the workshop.  You are most welcome to bring friends along.  The venue is heated by a lovely log fire in the fire-place and refreshments are served after the workshop.  See you on Monday the 27th May 2013!

There is a lot of talk about being aware ; living in the moment ; sabotage patterns.  If you have ever wondered how you can live your life with awareness then come and join Karen Weinman as she leads a workshop where we will be practising some tools that Karen will introduce us to – and which are easily applied on a daily basis.

‘Conscious Living’ – tools to be more aware in our everyday lives. 

            Learn practical exercises to listen and be guided towards healing,

                clearing sabotage patterns in body, mind and Soul.       

Click here for your invitation to a workshop which promises to be inspiring and most enlightening.

Conscious Living 13 May

You can read more about Karen by following the link below.

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