Posted by: BSR for Renewed Life | April 19, 2012

A New Life Story

Do you have a new life story?  Body Stress Release is about releasing stored stress in your body so that communication between your brain and body can be restored.  This is what allows the body to start its self-healing journey and write its new life story.

While BSR is assisting your body to re-write (self-heal) its history of injury and stored stress – what are you doing with your life story in your head?

Are you willing to support your body in its journey to self-healing by willingly letting go of past issues and hurts?  The change can be as simple as waking in the morning and thinking “ I am delighted that my body has sorted out an ache while I was sleeping.” Versus “ I wonder which new ache will rear its head today?”

Your body is the most magnificent vehicle you could ever imagine to have to transport you through this life.  Your body endeavours to protect you, but at the same time be of service to you. Your body will honour your wishes as best as it is able to. Do you return that courtesy by spending quiet quality time with your body?  Like most skills it takes practice to tune out from the busy-ness of your life and communicate with yourself. Going for a brisk walk may help.

Now start supporting your body’s self-healing journey with positive thoughts about what is happening to you and before long you will no longer be the victim of stress,  but the pro-active, victorious person letting go of stress.

You will have embarked on a new life story!


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