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Anger and Stress

Heart Fact #5 “The most dangerous heart killers are anger and stress” ( May 2012). These two issues have been on the forefront of my clients’ minds, my friends’ minds and my own lately.  Mostly because of the potential impact of e-toll on our lives. Stress vs. anger, which is the chicken and which is the egg?

Before I knew about Body Stress Release (for more on BSR – ) and had most of my stress released,  anger was the emotion that kept me going.  Do you know that some emotions are spontaneous awareness of a feeling and at other times an emotional reaction is a conscious decision you take? Anger most often is a decision you make in response to a situation.

Pre-BSR,  I would wake up in the mornings and my first awareness was body pain and discomfort. I recall wondering what it would feel like when I was in my 60s if I felt like a physical wreck in my 40s. My reaction was anger at life being unfair.  And then a determination to beat this discomfort and pain. “ I’ll show the world I cannot be floored!”  Never mind that the world did not have a clue about how my body felt. I was angry at life because I believed that I dared not show weakness and all that I was actually aware of was how much everything hurt!

I use to love a taxi ‘incident’ on the commute to work.  It gave me the perfect excuse to be morose, angry and snappy when I got to work. What a vicious cycle : stress -> pain -> anger ->stress -> pain -> anger.  Thanks to my friend Yvette who was able to look past the anger walls I tried to build around myself and suggested I try Body Stress Release.  BSR was what put an end to the cycle and helped me divert my attention and energy to getting better.

How close was I to a heart attack? I do not know,  but I know I was doing my best to put all the required factors in place. Where did this cycle start? It started with an injury to my body that I did not give sufficient time to heal and my body being forced to take protective action.  As my muscles contracted more and more to try and protect my body against further injury,  the more pain I experienced and the more I raged against my frail humanity.

Now aren’t you lucky?  Reading about this experience of mine and identifying with it – you now know the solution – Body Stress Release. You do not have to stay stuck in a red fog of pain.  You do not have to compromise your personal relationships.  You only need to make the time for BSR once a week.

As these things work, I received an e-mail this week about a woman’s experience of a heart attack.  It rang true for me because of what I had read in a TIME magazine about three years ago where the whole edition focused on women’s health including the different way women experience heart attacks. Also,  somebody close to me had a heart attack at a New Year’s Eve dinner party and his experience was not dramatic either. We thought ‘heart burn’ at first until he felt the clenching jaw,  then we realised ‘heart attack!’ .

I quote the content of the ‘Heart Attack’  e-mail as a separate blog entry.  Please click here


  1. Anger!!!! I used to be in a very poor state of health without even knowing the danger and side effects that were caused by stress. The stress did build up over a period of years and caused a breakdown in communication in my body. The adrenal glads were one of the first organs that were affected. The adrenal glads secreted a large amount of adrenalin that were the cause of my short temper. The adrenaline also had a effect on my heart . Eventually my body started to shut down my internal organs after an incident that happened to me and I started to prepare my self for the worst. In desperation I started going for Body Stress Release. After receiving Body Stress Release for some time the communication in my body started returning and my by body started with its own healing process. My life completely changed from being a complete wreck to a healthy person that can live a quality life. No more high blood pressure pills or any other medication on a chronic basis are needed. With Body Stress Release sessions on a regular basis (called Maintenance) by the practitioners I can now live a good Quality life .

    • Thank you for sharing your experience of Body Stress Release with everybody. I wish you well on your health journey.

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