Posted by: BSR for Renewed Life | January 6, 2013

Are Your Beams Holding You Up?

What is stress as experienced by you and me and how do we manage it?

Stress is a sensation/ s that we become aware of in our physical and emotional beings that is a result of unresolved incidents in our lives. Let’s look at a technical example.  You build two columns and place a beam across the top connecting the two pillars. The beam has certain dimensions which makes it capable of handling a specific weight load. If weight is placed on top of the beam within the specifications of the weight it can bear – no problem the whole will hold and be stable.

Should the weight load be exceeded then there is a future problem starting to develop. Stress will start to build up in the beam.  Should the builder then prop up the beam to stop it from sagging,  the structure will look OK,  but the initial stress load will not go away.

This is what happens in our bodies – physical and emotional – when there has been an incident that has overloaded our coping mechanisms. The important thing to note is that there was an event that caused overload and that is what created a reaction in us which manifests as stress. There is no bogey man out there with the name Stress. We re-acted in a non-coping way to an incident / event and that re-action is what caused a stress sensation within us.

This puts a different slant on the phrase ‘Coping with stress’ . Now we look at what triggers the stress re-action and because it is a very actual situation it is more identifiable and manageable. If you say ‘manage your stress’ it is like putting a support in for the beam as referred to above.  The stress never goes away in the beam it is just glossed over with a support. This is like thinking that if you increase your vitamin supplements you will cope better with your stress.  Yes, you most probably will feel better and seem to cope,  but the cause of the stress re-action is not being addressed and it is a melt-down waiting to happen.

I have placed a test developed in America that quantifies the probable stress re-actions of life incidents on my blog. Please follow this link .  The test has been adjusted slightly as there were a number of points tested that were very American.  I have made it slightly more generic.  It is a reasonable indicator of what, on a mostly psychological level, could have caused stress re-actions for you.

Something to remember – our bodies are self-healing and strive to always bring us back to a state of functional health within our daily lives. It is up to us to actively spend time and energy addressing those things which cause us to re-act in a way which is not up building to ourselves. So if commuting to work is an unpleasant experience – what can you do about it? What are your options? Leave earlier to avoid some of the traffic congestion; take a taxi; take a bus; take turns to car pool; change the type of radio station/music you listen to; maybe change your car from a manual gear shift to an automatic and even think of moving home, job or transferring to another branch of your employer? If none of these are feasible then changing your attitude to the commute and on the road might bring some relief. The moment you look at a situation from a different angle,  you feel more in charge of your life and the situation,  and that in itself already helps with your re-actions to the situation and stress induced by it.

Taking action to live more positively should also include having regular Body Stress Release. When there has been an overload of stress re-actions the communication in your body along the spinal cord has become impaired. BSR assists with releasing the tension – manifested as excessive muscle contraction – so that the communication between body and brain is restored and therefore self-healing becomes optimal again.

I trust this has helped you form a positive picture of how you are going to live in 2013. I wish all a joy filled life, free from the pain that prevents you from being the ultimate and unique creature you are.

Beams Newsletter Jan2013

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