Posted by: BSR for Renewed Life | April 7, 2014


Joy in Good HealthThis is what Body Stress Release can mean for you!

On Tuesday – 4th March 2014 – I slipped and fell on wet tiles. There was a welt across my back immediately and I had a head ache which was throbbing and ears which were singing. It felt as if my eyes were about to pop out.  I was fortunate to be able to go for a BSR session soon after. After the BSR session I took it easy for an hour. After that I was able to move around without any pain or stiffness. The reason why I recovered so quickly was because I have regular BSR sessions, maintaining good communication in my body along the spinal cord. My body could heal itself quickly and efficiently.

These are a few comments from my clients which were made in the last ten days –

. . . “I feel so nurtured after a Body Stress Release session” . . .

“It is a miracle – he is playing the piano again. We are crying with JOY!”

. . . ” I feel great and I have slept so well. Don’t know why I do not do Body Stress Release more often” . . .

 To summarise what BSR can do for you –

  • recover from stiff, tight and aching muscles;
  • bring joy back into your life because the pain has gone away;
  • help you sleep better so that you feel less fatigued, which helps you to cope better with your daily life;
  • When last did you feel nurtured? You are special and deserve to be nurtured and to feel nurtured!

From 14th April to 17th April 2014 Lourentia of BSR for Renewed Life! is running a special offer whereby if you book for three sessions and pay for the first two at your 1st visit, you get R50-00 off each of the two sessions (only valid at Rivonia).

 Joy April 2014

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